McLaren gaat in beroep

Het is officieel… McLaren gaat in beroep tegen de uitspraak van de FIA stewards die Hamilton na de Grote Prijs van België vorige zondag een straf van 25 seconden oplegden en hij zo zijn eerste plaats moest afstaan.

McLaren have taken the decision to go ahead with their planned appeal over the penalty given to Lewis Hamilton in the Belgian Grand Prix, the result of which was the driver being demoted from winner to third position. 

In a statement earlier today McLaren CEO Martin Whitmarsh stated:

“Following our decision to register our intention to appeal the penalty handed out to Lewis Hamilton by the FIA Stewards at the 2008 Belgian Grand Prix, we hereby confirm that we have now lodged notice of appeal.”

The appeal will be heard by the FIA International Court of Appeal on an as yet undisclosed date.

Furthermore, the team have since confessed that they were informed by FIA officials during the race – on two occasions – that the manner in which Hamilton ceded the position that he gained on Raikkonen by crossing the chicane was ‘OK’.

Whitmarsh added: “From the pit wall, we then asked Race Control to confirm that they were comfortable that Lewis had allowed Kimi to repass, and they confirmed twice that they believed that the position had been given back in a manner that was ‘okay’.

“If Race Control had instead expressed any concern regarding Lewis’s actions at that time, we would have instructed Lewis to allow Kimi to repass for a second time.”

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