Welcome to my blog.

I started this blog a few years ago during the construction of our house and I wanted it to be a place where you could follow the whole story from the beginning till the end. I always found it great to follow these kind of stories and find it great to go back in history and see how everything has progressed.

But that phase of our life has passed and our house is finished. So the purpose of this blog has changed somewhat. I will keep posting stories and stuff which I like to share but I will also start using it for one of my passions… SharePoint & PowerShell.

I’m a consultant at CTG Belgium where I’m specialised in SharePoint and Office 365.  My background is .NET development and I have been doing this since the birth of .NET. In 2008, I decided that I wanted to do something else. I was intriged by SharePoint and saw that this was a product which a lot of potential. That was MOSS. With every release of SharePoint, it gets better. With Microsoft’s cloud first strategy, Office 365 has become my main focus of attention now. If you want to keep up, you need to adopt the cloud. I’m mostly involved with SharePoint implementations, migrations, assessments and integrations. That doesn’t mean that I don’t get my hands dirty anymore. I love PowerShell! SharePoint and Office 365 are the ideal candidates to unleash your PowerShell madness on! I don’t do UI much anymore… give me a command shell and I get things done!


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  1. Ik heb via uw blog gezien dat jullie bezettingswerken uitgevoerd zijn door Gebr Van Hove te Olen.
    Deze hebben bij ons eveneens de bezettingswerken gedaan en wij zijn hierover echter alles behalve tevreden.
    Onze muren zijn absoluut niet recht en er zitten overal golven in.
    Was dit bij jullie ook het geval aub?

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