SharePoint Passion

SharePoint Passion

A few months ago, a colleague of mine launched the concept “SharePoint Passion”.​ It was in the concept of end-user adoption and how fast and far one can take end-users from hating SharePoint to embrace and love it.
One of our pre-sales picked it up and described it like this…

I thought it was hilarious. The word, not the concept. SharePoint Passion. It either sounds like a cheap perfume, a massage oil/lubricant or some other dubious product one can find in a night shop. After a few laughs though, the words kept sticking on me.  The more I talked to people at CTG the more I realized that there is indeed a whole lot of passion on SharePoint. And that’s a marvelous thing. Why? The magic starts when a lot of people all start thinking the same thing. Things can happen that not one person can accomplish.

And for me that’s our primary strength as a group and what keeps me going: the passion.

So let’s keep talking to each other and share our ideas. It will be a challenge to implement them all, so we’ll have to make a few choices. But this way we will build further on what’s an already great service at CTG.
So maybe it is a lubricant. Because it will make things happen. If you’ll excuse the analogy. 🙂

Because the rest of the SharePoint team at CTG liked this concept and wanted to evangelize it, we needed a nice graphical teaser for it. Geert Maurissen took the lead and together with Nico Mombaerts, a new logo was created.

This logo was introduced yesterday on the CoENight where the whole team was wearing brand new SharePoint Passion shirts and giving away SharePoint Passion T-Shirts for anyone who updated their My Site. This initiative was a huge success. We handed out a lot of t-shirts and people were actually wearing them and not just taking one to have some fabric to clean their windscreen with. 😎

SharePoint_Passion1 SharePoint_Passion3 SharePoint_Passion2

Many thanks to Nico Mombaerts who was willing to create this logo.