OneDrive Sync Engine Host Crash on Win 8.1 solved at last

For a while now, I have been experiencing issues with OneDrive on my Windows 8.1 machine. I don’t know when it started but it’s at least going on for a month or 2. Everytime my Windows is started, the OneDrive synchronization service (SkyDrive Sync Engine Host) is started and after a short period of time, it just stops working. It restarts after a while but it crashes again… this goes on and on… really annoying because I have to sync everything manually by going to OneDrive and upload it there.

When you use Google and Bing, you get tons of people experiencing the same issue. What really annoys me about it is the fact that there’s NO fix from Microsoft for this. Really! If you post your issue, they just tell you to run a diagnostic tool to “fix” OneDrive. For some people this works, for others it doesn’t.

Well, I’m one of those people where it doesn’t work and who clicked like every link on Google and Bing and tried everything.

The only thing which works TEMPORARILY is to move my local  OneDrive folder to another location. This works UNTIL my PC is rebooted. Then it just starts crashing again.

Now, Since a few days, my issue is solved. I found a link where somebody (from Microsoft?) hinted about OneDrive needing access to “some” place in the registry. If it can’t access it, it crashes.

Because I was sick and tired of this crashing, I started disabling services which were running… starting with the things which were sitting in my system tray. After each service, I waited until the OneDrive service was started again and checked if it crashed.

And yes, I found the nasty bugger who is responsible for the crashing !!!!!

It’s the SDTray.exe service from Spybot – Search and Destroy. This is started when my PC is booted. When I exit this application in the system tray, my OneDrive start and will not crash anymore.. I guess it blocks access to resources which are needed by OneDrive (registry?).

This worked for me. But if you don’t have this SDTray application and you are experiencing the same issue, checking for running services which might have the same behaviour might be a solution for you.