User Profile Sync DB is read-only in SharePoint 2016

When you provision a new User Profile Service application in SharePoint 2016, you will notice that the Sync DB name and server is read-only and that you cannot change it.


I don’t know why exactly Microsoft made it impossible to change the name of the Sync database in the UI. Has it something to do with the absence of the synchronization service? Either way, this DB is created and despite all good efforts to have a consistent naming convention for your SharePoint databases, you end up with this rebelling database.

But then again, who uses the UI to get things done in SharePoint anyway, right? We do everything with PowerShell and in PowerShell, you have a cmdlet New-SPProfileServiceApplication which allows you to specify the name of the databases:

Solved it! When you open the properties of your created user profile service application, you see that this small rebellion was suppressed swiftly and without making a lot of fuss.


One thought on “User Profile Sync DB is read-only in SharePoint 2016

  • Tuesday, 21 February, 2017 at 14:12

    Good article:-)

    $UPSName = “User Profile Synchronization Service”
    $ApplicationPool = “UserProfileService_AppPool”
    $ProfileDBName = “SP16_UserProfileService_Profile_DB”
    $SocialDBName = “SP16_UserProfileService_Social_DB”
    $SyncDBName = “SP16_UserProfileService_Sync_DB”
    New-SPServiceApplicationPool -Name $ApplicationPool -Account domain\user
    $app = New-SPProfileServiceApplication -Name $UPSName -ApplicationPool $ApplicationPool –ProfileDBName $ProfileDBName -SocialDBName $SocialDBName -ProfileSyncDBName $SyncDBName
    New-SPProfileServiceApplicationProxy -Name $UPSName -ServiceApplication $app

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