SharePoint 2013 Promoted Links Wrapping

Earlier this week, I was creating a page in SharePoint which contained 2 Promoted Links web parts. One of those web parts had 12 links. The annoying thing about this web part is that there’s no wrapping when the tiles are displayed. If you have a limited number of links, you won’t have an issue. But if you have 12, like me, not all tiles will fit the screen and you will get scroll buttons. Not nice.


One of the solutions to have the tiles wrapped is Javascript. I found a script over here.

This script works well but has a limitation… it only works when you have 1 Promoted Links web part on your page. Once you have more, the results are somewhat… unpredictable, depending on the number of combined tiles of all the web parts.

Since I know a little of Javascript and JQuery, I figured… hey, why not enhance it and make it work for more web parts on a single page.

The results…

promotedLinks2 Looks a lot better, no? 😎

The script looks at each web part individually and wraps the tiles independently within the web parts.

Here’s the updated script.

I’m not an expert in JQuery, so if you like this script and you have suggestions to improve it, please get back to me so I can improve it and give the proper credits.