Customize SSRS extension settings in SharePoint Integrated Mode

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is powerful way of presenting reports and data to your end users in SharePoint. But sometimes, the out of the box experience of some features of SSRS doesn’t work for your situation. A nice example of this is the field delimiter for CSV exports. This is by default a comma. But in some regions (like mine), the default delimiter is a semicolon and using a comma doesn’t work.
Another example is the different formats which are available for exporting. What if you want to remove some of those supported export formats?

When you start searching the net, you will find some information on how to achieve the above customizations by adding or changing some settings in the RSReportServer.config file. Check the link below for the information on that configuration file.

While this works fine for a regular SSRS installation, it will not work for a SharePoint integrated SSRS installation because you don’t have that config file on your system.

The solution for this is PowerShell. All of those customizations can be done this way by means of changing SSRS extension settings.

Change the CSV field delimiter

Remove export formats from the supported list

The script above removes the “TIFF” and “MHTML” formats from the list of available export formats. The complete list of formats which you can include or exclude is the following:

  • XML
  • CSV
  • ATOM
  • PDF
  • RGDI
  • RPL
  • WORD
  • HTML4.0

If you want to add it to the list, specify “True” as value for the “Visibility” element in the -ExtensionAttributes parameter.