Use a Custom ringtone on WP7 Mango

With Windows Phone 7 Mango, it’s now possible to use a custom ringtone.
However, you have to know how to do this because simply transfering any mp3 to your phone is not going to work. There are some constraints….
Your ringtone has to be:

  • a .WMA or .MP3
  • max 1Mb in size
  • about 30 sec. long (don’t know the correct length, but if you keep it below 30sec, it will definitely work)
  1. Connect your phone to your PC
  2. Load the ringtone to the folder where it’s picked up by Zune.
  3. In Zune, right-click the ringtone and select Edit.
  4. In the Genre field, type “Ringtone”.
  5. Transfer the ringtone to your phone

On your phone, go to Settings => Ringtones + Sounds en there you will find your custom ringtone.



3 thoughts on “Use a Custom ringtone on WP7 Mango

  • Tuesday, 25 October, 2011 at 19:28

    Thanks a lot of for the tip. Ringtone transferring is working properly for now now.

  • Sunday, 9 October, 2011 at 18:18

    I only tried WMV’s for now and I haven’t found any problems yet with them.

  • Monday, 3 October, 2011 at 23:56

    Well so far mp3 works fine and wma files as well for ringtones. I do have a question thougth about transporting videos from my computer to phone. What filetype is best to convert to and won’t give me any problems while trying to play it. MPEG, MP4 or WMV or some kind…plz let me know

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