Extend VHD’s using VhdResizer

When you create a VHD, you have to specify the size of the disk. Once you reach that size, you will receive a out of free disk space message.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to extend your VHD. There is a tool called VhdResizer. This small tool enables you to resize an existing VHD. After you resize your disk, your VHD is still not extended. You still need to run the Disk Management utility from Windows to extend the volume.

So, here are the steps to make your existing VHD bigger…

  1. Download & install VhdResizer
  2. If you have attached the VHD, detach it from Disk Management
  3. Run VhdResizer and select the existing VHD
  4. Enter the location and name of the new VHD which will be created.
  5. Select the type, the new size and click “Resize”
  6. When the resizing is finished, your disk will be extended. However, the extended space is not available because it has not been allocated yet. Open Disk Management and attach the created VHD. You will see your new VHD and the unallocated extra space behind your VHD.
  7. Right-click your primary volume in the attached VHD and select “Extend volume…”
  8. In the wizard, click Next.
  9. Select a disk from the available disks to extend your VHD with and click Next.
  10. Click Finish.

You now have extended your VHD with the extra space and you will be able to use that space. That was not that hard, was it?